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Your Own Publishing Portal

Working on Antenna

Wobbly Updates!

Wishing for Stricter Gemtext

Why People Become Minimalists

Which Gemini Server Am I Looking For?

What's In a Nation?

Website Bloat

Vim Kanban Board


Turns and Twists in Life

Treasure Value in My OSR Adventures

Too Many Projects?

Thoughts on the Internet and Climate

This is my testpost

This is my new testpost

The Disarray Data Type

The Boy Who Kept Some of the Lights On

Stuff I'm Doing

Sparty's Turn to Get Big Update

Sparty - A CLI Client for the Spartan Protocol

Some Gopher History

Simple Incremental Backup With Rsync

Self-Imposed Expectations

Self-Contained Version Controlled Plain Text

Running, Past and Recent

Re: Traveller Madness

Re: The Lord of the Rings as a D&D Game

Re: Mesh Networks

Privacy vs Obsolescence

Pet Name System

Operation Trojan Shield

NFTs: Pay Millions For Volatile Assets

New Year, New Internet Presence!

New Version of gmi2html!

New Personal Best: 10km in 37:42

My Local Branch of AV-98


Looking Into BeautifulSoup4

Looking for Freelance Experience

It's Never Less Friday Than on Mondays

I Wrote a General Gemtext Parser

I Want to Make An OSR Game

I'm Probably at 90% Up Time 😆️

I Heard You Like Browsers...

I Didn’t Know I’m Doing This Much

Help Me Make Eddie Less Dumb

Grottröj #34 Was Yesterday

gmi2html Reaches 1.0

Gemcall Now Supports Streaming and More

First log of the new year!

Fanzine Collaborations I've Done

Fanzine Collaboration Methods

Esperanto Flag in CSS

Don’t Read This Post

Distributed Social Media Is HARD

Current Baking Habit

COVID and Revelations

Congratulations, Alyssa Rosenzweig!

Configuring the Apache Web Server for a Tilde

Combat Mechanic Thoughts For Link-Based Game

Charging Cat

Can You Work Part Time?

Breaking Apart Code

BIGGER Update to Antenna

BIG update to Antenna

Antenna is Now FLOSS

Announcing Antenna

An Ode to Gemtext

Make Tea Not War, Season 1 Retrospective

First of All, I'm Sorry...

I Live In A City. Or A Town.


Mars Has Leap Years

Tea Tea Deluxe 1.4.1 Released

The Li'l Ones in TTRPGs

I Used to Think CSS Was Good

Well Paying Jobs That Don’t Suck

Not Yet, Apparently. (Also: Outage)

I Talked About Gemini in (Swedish) Podcast

Hey, 2024! No promises.

The Good(?) News is We'll Never Need Another Planet

So the Stolen Bike Thing Dragged On

I Have a Lot To Write Here

Wine Gums, Ranked

Skibidi Toilet Meta Analysis

Games Are How Big Now!?

Things Are Chugging Along

Tea Tea Deluxe 1.4.0 Released

Are You a Terminal Emulator Hipster?

FLOSS Equivalent of Wordpad?

Impatient, Ascetic, Awesome

Doing and Making Things Myself

BORROW MONEY FOR FREE (If You Already Have Them)

When is It Time to Get a New Computer?

Not Quite the Old Computer Challenge

Four Leaf Clovers

I Need Your Opinion

AsiaStar Redux

Soylent Tea is People

The Planet Doesn't Need Polar Bears

This Post is Just a Filler

Tea Tea Deluxe 1.2.7 and Tea Land

Quarndown Transport Needs Expert Assistance

Fast Food Staff Screwed Up My Order

My Continued Romance With OpenTTD

The Stonecutter, Part 6

The Stonecutter, Part 5

Would You Like an OpenTTD Save Game?

The Stonecutter, Part 4

Note to Self: Git Aliases

New Programming Language Idea: Stay

ChatGPT On Electronic Pets

The Stonecutter, Part 3

Very Suspicious Indeed

The Stonecutter, Part 2

The Alcoholic Art of War

The Stonecutter, Part 1

Spoiler Messages in IRC

Fairphone Should Be Lauded, But It's Not Enough

Tea Tea Deluxe 1.2.4 -- Bugfixes

Program Picker With Zenity

Tea Tea Deluxe Version 1.2.0

Welcome Back, Bullseye

Self Hosted File Sharing Service

Are We Adults Yet?

Hey Debian, How Can I Help?

How I Ran an RPG Con 4 Times a Year For a Decade

People Are Actually Rational

It's the Inside That Matters

Divorce All But Done

Give Me Your Best OpenTTD NewGRFs

Improving Sleep Feng Shui Style

I'm Doing Alright


21 Hours

Just Happy For Bike Lanes

A Mod For OpenTTD

Plainly Put: Plane Power Play

"I Just Play Here"

Another Oldie but Goldie: OpenTTD

Re: Sneakernets

Rubik’s Cube to the Rescue

Sneakernet in a Free, Developed Society

Movie Review: Cosmic Sin

Having a Dot File Repo?

Spending My Own Money for Office Comfort?

Catacombs of the Crazy Cat Conjurers

Lost a Bike, Made a Bag, Bought Trousers

Brain Fart

I'd Like to Play This Weird Role

How Many Computers Do You Have?

"If X You Shouldn't Release Software"

Let's Update Our Server, 2022 Edition

New Card Game: "Bring Down the Mountain"

Sim City: 31 Years Young

You Can Get a Weird Domain Today

I Just Left Feedly!

How to Watch Terminator

PICO-8 and TIC-80

The Dumbest Card Shuffle

Re: Revisiting the Web Analytics Rabbit Hole

Oh, Poop.

The Modern Web's Many Single Points of Failure

That Time I Helped a Sad Drunkard

Self Hosting Feed Reader

Check Out My Recommendations

The Cheapest Cup of Tea in Town

I Built a Video Game Console

That Time Factory Waste Didn't Flow Into a River

Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir

That Time I Was Screwed Over By Red Hat Network

Salary Negotiations Are Going to be Interesting Next Year...

Providing Meaningful Search Results Without Own Index?

More Local Friendships

Human Made Internet Content Hidden in Plain Sight

Manual SSHFS Mount/Umount

ERROR: User Failed Brightness Check

Collage From May 9th E-Scooter Safari

Would 1950s Living Standards Save Us?

Two Weeks Into New Job

The Tale of The Wednesday Ordeal

I Bought a Sofa Bed That Wasn't For Sale

Update on Current Reading

How To Actually Change DNS Servers on Debian Bullseye

The Case for Slow-Mo Driving

I Just Can’t Get Into Mistborn

New Job! How Was Unemployment?

Things I've Learned From Star Trek Voyager

Unemployment Agency Hassle

The Protean Tea

E-mails Aren't Really Letters

Incidental Canary Capabilities

It's Bots All the Way Down, What's an Ad Worth Anyway?

It's Almost 08:30! You Know What Happens at 08:30?

No, You Don't Have Time For Another Project

Stuffed Like a Sugary Turkey

When Should I Move On to the Next Book?

Toki Pona Exercises For Lesson 1

"We Value Your Privacy"

I Guess I'm Mr Tea

Proprietary Worlds and Open Alternatives

Bike vs Bus 1-0

No, Your Laundry Machine Doesn't Need WiFi

I Answer Questions: Likes/Dislikes About Sweden

I Answer Questions: Internet Making the World Better or Worse?

I Answer Questions: The Effect of Antiprotons in Bulk

I Answer Questions: Operating Systems I've Used

Everything Breaks: Experiencing the Web Without JavaScript

Ask Me Literally Anything

Not-Always Online Computing

A Tranquil Exhaustion

Paring Down Computer Power

Finishing Up, Moving On

Being Laid Off, Starting New Chapter

How About a T9 Bluetooth Keyboard?

Dear 2022, You're Not Living Up to Expectations

Videos Are Big

Well That Was a Busy Weekend

Anti-Procrastination Update

I Am My Brand: Not Commercially Interesting

Anti-Procrastination Challenge!

A Collective Depression

That Time I Won a StarCraft Game

Good Things

The Old iMac G3

Stock Options Are Not Incentivizing

War Games

GPT-3 On Electronic Pets

Inbox Zero

Is wxPython Worth Looking Into?

RPG System Preferences

Are the Olympics Relevant Anymore?

Small Thoughts

That Time a Car Was Attacked by a Tree

The Metaverse We Can Build Ourselves

A Little Love Goes a Long Way

No, Facebook Did Not ”Threaten” To Leave the EU

Ikigai, Finding Your Passion

Re: Collecting Reply Posts for Posterity

Restrictions Are Being Lifted

There Are No Cookies Here

Collecting Reply Posts for Posterity

RPG Day Deluxe

Book Challenge Result: 🥈

What is Acceptance, Anyway?

Why Do Corporations Have to Grow?

Book Reading Challenge Progress

Book Reading Challenge!

Fixes to gmi2html

Updated gmi2html: Usable As Lib and CLI Tool

Developer Support is Valuable

On This Day in 1912 Robert Scott Reached the South Pole

Remarkable How a Week of Work Changes Everything

Re: Regexp Issues in GNOME Terminal(?)

Regexp Issues in GNOME Terminal(?)

Is Reading As Stimulating As Streaming?

Words for Nightmares While Awake

Games I’ve Found Addictive

Is There a Word For Nightmares While Awake?

Not Looking Forward to My Wonderful Job

Considering Running Gemserv in Container

Dear 2022

Are Tabletop RPGs With 40+ Source Books Playable?

Book Day

Back at My Computer

How Do I Make the Most Out of My Kobo eReader?

Christmas Eve is Over

So Socket Happened

Buying Gifts

Re: Re: Do You Ever Feel Stuck in a Loop?

I Built a Living Room Table From Scrap Wood!

Do You Ever Feel Stuck in a Loop?

Re: Re: Broccoli: a Verb in Need of Meaning

I Need to Break Down My Projects List

Broccoli: a Verb in Need of Meaning

That's Dr, not Mr, Thank You Very Much

I Never Lend People Money

Advent of Bloggers 2021, 6th and 7th and Sizzling Out...

Sunday Girl's Night

Advent of Bloggers 2021, Dec 5th

Advent of Bloggers 2021, Dec 4th

Advent of Bloggers 2021, Dec 3rd

Hollywood World Rescue

Advent of Bloggers 2021, Dec 2nd

Advent of Bloggers 2021, Dec 1st

Time, Energy, Motivation: Pick Two

"Killing Zombie Children" and Other IT Terms

Damn Small Software

I Once Transitioned a Friend From Windows to Ubuntu

I Want My Next Phone to Have a Headphone Jack

Crashing Things in Space For Science!

Non-sugary Desserts?

Lightweight, Simple, and Cross-Platform GUI Programming?

I'm Out of Ice Cream and My Tummy Hurts

Current Things on My Mind

An Old Nerd Anecdote

Shadow and Bone

Default Browser Styles

My Running Advice

To the Moon, At Any Cost

Pacing a Convention Game Session

A Feeling of Relief and Serenity

It's Hard to Talk About Copyright

Contacts Aren't Forever

Merry Little Christmas!

An Endless List of Side Quests

Zombie Invasion Climate Catastrophe

Budgeting and Tracking Expenses in a Spreadsheet

Recipe: Chocolate Oatmeal Pralines

The New Gemini Currency!

The Solution to Corporate Spam

Challenge: Do Something For a Community Project

Boaty McBoatface and the Royal Ship Vasa

Rounding Off the Week Perfectly

What to Put on Your Capsule/Website

Attended the IndieWeb Homebrew Website Club Meeting

Recipe: Swedish Mudcake

Steampunk Adventure Idea

DB Fixing, Running, Baking, Podding, Scripting...

Notes to Self About Debian Upgrade

Topic Challenge: The Social Lives of Bees

Cookie Consent Banners Aren't Actually Needed

Anecdote About Legacy Code

There are Only Two Timezones

Inviting Bad Practice Solutions

The Insidious Magic of Cats

Tilde Meetup Over Jitsi, Saturday 06:00 UTC

Ordered Some Custom Shirts

Adapting to Circumstance vs Adapting Circumstance

When Did Personal Computers Stop Improving?

Simple Search Script on My Blog/Gemlog

Python Packaging Solutions (or Thank You, dece!)

Operation Venus: One Page Adventure

Finally Understanding the Power of Git

Recipe: Crumb-dough Fruit Pie

Removing the Dock on Ubuntu

Sparty is Finally Packaged

Python Packaging Woes

Searching Through Browser History?

Automated Hiring Software is not "Mistakenly" Rejecting Millions of Viable Job Candidates

Come For the Vamps, Stay For the Coming-of-Age Teenage Drama

The Weird Economics of Deadly Dungeons

Character Dynamics in Lady Blackbird

The Problem of the Federated Timeline

Less Server, but Better?

"Slow" Running

AV-98 (Fork) Updates