Which Gemini Server Am I Looking For?

I've done a lot of stuff in python lately, and python is installed on all my systems.

Rust and Cargo, however, are only installed on one and for one single reason. Gemserv. The Gemserv folder is 390 MB in size, only 56 KB of which is the source code. That looks a bit excessive for a gemini server in my humble opinion. Especially on an 8 GB SD Card, which is where I have the root filesystem for my Raspberry Pi server.

I'd like to replace it with something simpler.

It needs to support:

As for language I'd prefer something I already have installed, which I guess is python and whatever else comes packed with Raspberry Pi OS Lite. Not Go, Rust, Lua, or Haskell or anything else that would clog up my filesystem the same way Rust/Cargo does now.

Any tips?

-- CC0 Björn Wärmedal