Björn Wärmedal

I am a devops engineer/sysadmin, ttrpg/pbp gamer, parent, spouse, and part-time cat's slave.

This website is my public presence on the web, although you can also find me in geminispace where I maintain a capsule and gemlog at this same domain/path.

Gemini capsule.

Latest Blog Posts

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Highlighted Projects

I built and run a web-based gemini browser that I call Wobbly.

You can find it here.

You should check out the quarterly mini-convention Grottröj, which I've arranged since 2013.

The Grottröj blog

Also check out this generator for OSR characters. It gives you characters in pdf format, ready for pretty printing.

OSR characters generator

I sometimes write games or zines (alone or with others) that are published under Creative Commons licenses. You can find those in my games directory.

My Games directory.

If you want to buy stuff that I make, most is available on the lulu.com print-on-demand service.

My lulu.com publications