Björn Wärmedal

I am a parent, role-player, devops engineer/sysadmin, all around decent guy.

This website is my public presence on the web, although you can also find me in geminispace where I maintain a capsule and gemlog at this same domain/path.

I also have a twtxt file.

Latest Blog Posts

2023-03-17 Would You Like an OpenTTD Save Game?

2023-03-14 The Stonecutter, Part 4

2023-03-13 Note to Self: Git Aliases

2023-03-02 New Programming Language Idea: Stay

2023-02-23 ChatGPT On Electronic Pets

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Highlighted Projects

Wobbly, the web-based gemini browser.

My quarterly mini-convention Grottröj.

OSR character generator.

My Games directory.

My stuff at lulu.com.

Articles and Collections

Collection: "Why Do Corporations Have to Grow?"

Collection: "What is Acceptance, Anyway?"


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