Björn Wärmedal

I am a devops engineer/sysadmin, ttrpg/pbp gamer, parent, spouse, and part-time cat's slave.

This website is my public presence on the web, although you can also find me in geminispace where I maintain a capsule and gemlog at this same domain/path.

I also have a twtxt file.

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Highlighted Projects

I built and run a web-based gemini browser that I call Wobbly.

You should check out the quarterly mini-convention Grottröj, which I've arranged since 2013.

Also check out this generator for OSR characters. It gives you characters in pdf format, ready for pretty printing.

A lot of games and game-related stuff I make is available for free in my Games directory.

Some of my stuff can be bought in print from lulu.com.