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2021-05-06 Fanzine Collaborations I've Done

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2021-04-20 gmi2html Reaches 1.0

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2021-04-02 Unreality

2021-03-31 NFTs: Pay Millions For Volatile Assets

2021-03-30 Why People Become Minimalists

2021-03-27 New Version of gmi2html!

2021-03-26 Self-Contained Version Controlled Plain Text

2021-03-25 Congratulations, Alyssa Rosenzweig!

2021-03-19 Don’t Read This Post

2021-03-17 Running, Past and Recent

2021-03-08 Can You Work Part Time?

2021-03-04 Pet Name System

2021-02-26 Vim Kanban Board

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2021-02-16 The Disarray Data Type

2021-02-09 An Ode to Gemtext

2021-02-03 Distributed Social Media Is HARD

2021-01-19 Re: Traveller Madness

2021-01-07 Configuring the Apache Web Server for a Tilde

2021-01-06 Your Own Publishing Portal

2021-01-05 Some Gopher History

2021-01-04 Simple Incremental Backup With Rsync

2021-01-01 New Year, New Internet Presence!