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2024-07-11 Make Tea Not War, Season 1 Retrospective

2024-05-21 First of All, I'm Sorry...

2024-05-16 I Live In A City. Or A Town.

2024-05-06 Recho

2024-04-20 Mars Has Leap Years

2024-04-02 Tea Tea Deluxe 1.4.1 Released

2024-03-23 The Li'l Ones in TTRPGs

2024-03-09 I Used to Think CSS Was Good

2024-02-15 Well Paying Jobs That Don’t Suck

2024-01-25 Not Yet, Apparently. (Also: Outage)

2024-01-17 I Talked About Gemini in (Swedish) Podcast

2023-12-31 Hey, 2024! No promises.

2023-12-28 The Good(?) News is We'll Never Need Another Planet

2023-12-23 So the Stolen Bike Thing Dragged On

2023-12-07 I Have a Lot To Write Here

2023-12-01 Wine Gums, Ranked

2023-10-18 Skibidi Toilet Meta Analysis

2023-10-06 Games Are How Big Now!?

2023-09-28 Tea Tea Deluxe 1.4.0 Released

2023-09-28 Things Are Chugging Along

2023-09-14 Are You a Terminal Emulator Hipster?

2023-09-05 FLOSS Equivalent of Wordpad?

2023-08-28 Impatient, Ascetic, Awesome

2023-08-16 Doing and Making Things Myself

2023-08-11 BORROW MONEY FOR FREE (If You Already Have Them)

2023-07-16 When is It Time to Get a New Computer?

2023-07-16 Not Quite the Old Computer Challenge

2023-07-13 Four Leaf Clovers

2023-06-29 I Need Your Opinion

2023-06-22 AsiaStar Redux

2023-06-18 Soylent Tea is People

2023-06-15 The Planet Doesn't Need Polar Bears

2023-06-05 This Post is Just a Filler

2023-06-05 Tea Tea Deluxe 1.2.7 and Tea Land

2023-05-12 Quarndown Transport Needs Expert Assistance

2023-04-29 Fast Food Staff Screwed Up My Order

2023-04-27 My Continued Romance With OpenTTD

2023-04-15 The Stonecutter, Part 6

2023-04-01 The Stonecutter, Part 5

2023-03-17 Would You Like an OpenTTD Save Game?

2023-03-14 The Stonecutter, Part 4

2023-03-13 Note to Self: Git Aliases

2023-03-02 New Programming Language Idea: Stay

2023-02-23 ChatGPT On Electronic Pets

2023-02-10 The Stonecutter, Part 3

2023-01-30 Very Suspicious Indeed

2023-01-27 The Stonecutter, Part 2

2023-01-26 The Alcoholic Art of War

2023-01-25 The Stonecutter, Part 1

2023-01-15 Spoiler Messages in IRC

2023-01-12 Fairphone Should Be Lauded, But It's Not Enough

2023-01-03 Program Picker With Zenity

2023-01-03 Tea Tea Deluxe 1.2.4 -- Bugfixes

2022-12-23 Tea Tea Deluxe Version 1.2.0

2022-12-22 Welcome Back, Bullseye

2022-12-15 Self Hosted File Sharing Service

2022-12-06 Are We Adults Yet?

2022-12-04 Hey Debian, How Can I Help?

2022-12-03 How I Ran an RPG Con 4 Times a Year For a Decade

2022-11-23 People Are Actually Rational

2022-11-16 It's the Inside That Matters

2022-11-11 Divorce All But Done

2022-11-01 Give Me Your Best OpenTTD NewGRFs

2022-10-26 Improving Sleep Feng Shui Style

2022-10-17 I'm Doing Alright

2022-10-11 Divorce

2022-10-10 21 Hours

2022-10-01 Just Happy For Bike Lanes

2022-09-29 A Mod For OpenTTD

2022-09-23 Plainly Put: Plane Power Play

2022-09-21 "I Just Play Here"

2022-09-17 Another Oldie but Goldie: OpenTTD

2022-09-13 Re: Sneakernets

2022-09-05 Rubik’s Cube to the Rescue

2022-09-03 Sneakernet in a Free, Developed Society

2022-09-02 Movie Review: Cosmic Sin

2022-08-31 Having a Dot File Repo?

2022-08-30 Spending My Own Money for Office Comfort?

2022-08-28 Catacombs of the Crazy Cat Conjurers

2022-08-24 Lost a Bike, Made a Bag, Bought Trousers

2022-08-18 Brain Fart

2022-08-14 I'd Like to Play This Weird Role

2022-08-14 How Many Computers Do You Have?

2022-08-13 "If X You Shouldn't Release Software"

2022-08-09 Let's Update Our Server, 2022 Edition

2022-08-08 New Card Game: "Bring Down the Mountain"

2022-08-04 Sim City: 31 Years Young

2022-08-01 You Can Get a Weird Domain Today

2022-07-30 I Just Left Feedly!

2022-07-30 How to Watch Terminator

2022-07-27 PICO-8 and TIC-80

2022-07-26 The Dumbest Card Shuffle

2022-07-26 Oh, Poop.

2022-07-26 Re: Revisiting the Web Analytics Rabbit Hole

2022-07-20 The Modern Web's Many Single Points of Failure

2022-07-18 That Time I Helped a Sad Drunkard

2022-07-18 Self Hosting Feed Reader

2022-07-16 Check Out My Recommendations

2022-07-14 I Built a Video Game Console

2022-07-14 The Cheapest Cup of Tea in Town

2022-07-13 Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir

2022-07-13 That Time Factory Waste Didn't Flow Into a River

2022-07-06 That Time I Was Screwed Over By Red Hat Network

2022-07-06 Salary Negotiations Are Going to be Interesting Next Year...

2022-07-02 Providing Meaningful Search Results Without Own Index?

2022-06-29 More Local Friendships

2022-06-24 Human Made Internet Content Hidden in Plain Sight

2022-06-20 Manual SSHFS Mount/Umount

2022-06-20 ERROR: User Failed Brightness Check

2022-06-18 Collage From May 9th E-Scooter Safari

2022-06-16 Would 1950s Living Standards Save Us?

2022-06-13 Two Weeks Into New Job

2022-06-05 The Tale of The Wednesday Ordeal

2022-06-01 I Bought a Sofa Bed That Wasn't For Sale

2022-05-30 Update on Current Reading

2022-05-26 How To Actually Change DNS Servers on Debian Bullseye

2022-05-24 The Case for Slow-Mo Driving

2022-05-23 I Just Can’t Get Into Mistborn

2022-05-19 New Job! How Was Unemployment?

2022-05-18 Things I've Learned From Star Trek Voyager

2022-05-14 Unemployment Agency Hassle

2022-05-10 The Protean Tea

2022-05-08 E-mails Aren't Really Letters

2022-05-05 Incidental Canary Capabilities

2022-05-04 It's Bots All the Way Down, What's an Ad Worth Anyway?

2022-05-03 It's Almost 08:30! You Know What Happens at 08:30?

2022-04-28 No, You Don't Have Time For Another Project

2022-04-25 Stuffed Like a Sugary Turkey

2022-04-23 When Should I Move On to the Next Book?

2022-04-20 Toki Pona Exercises For Lesson 1

2022-04-19 "We Value Your Privacy"

2022-04-18 I Guess I'm Mr Tea

2022-04-14 Proprietary Worlds and Open Alternatives

2022-04-13 Bike vs Bus 1-0

2022-04-10 No, Your Laundry Machine Doesn't Need WiFi

2022-04-08 I Answer Questions: Likes/Dislikes About Sweden

2022-04-05 I Answer Questions: Internet Making the World Better or Worse?

2022-04-03 I Answer Questions: The Effect of Antiprotons in Bulk

2022-04-02 Everything Breaks: Experiencing the Web Without JavaScript

2022-04-02 I Answer Questions: Operating Systems I've Used

2022-04-01 Ask Me Literally Anything

2022-03-31 Not-Always Online Computing

2022-03-29 A Tranquil Exhaustion

2022-03-28 Paring Down Computer Power

2022-03-25 Finishing Up, Moving On

2022-03-22 Being Laid Off, Starting New Chapter

2022-03-20 How About a T9 Bluetooth Keyboard?

2022-03-17 Dear 2022, You're Not Living Up to Expectations

2022-03-14 Videos Are Big

2022-03-13 Well That Was a Busy Weekend

2022-03-12 Anti-Procrastination Update

2022-03-11 I Am My Brand: Not Commercially Interesting

2022-03-10 Anti-Procrastination Challenge!

2022-03-08 A Collective Depression

2022-03-06 That Time I Won a StarCraft Game

2022-03-03 Good Things

2022-02-27 The Old iMac G3

2022-02-24 Stock Options Are Not Incentivizing

2022-02-22 War Games

2022-02-21 GPT-3 On Electronic Pets

2022-02-19 Inbox Zero

2022-02-18 Is wxPython Worth Looking Into?

2022-02-17 RPG System Preferences

2022-02-15 Are the Olympics Relevant Anymore?

2022-02-13 Small Thoughts

2022-02-11 That Time a Car Was Attacked by a Tree

2022-02-10 The Metaverse We Can Build Ourselves

2022-02-09 A Little Love Goes a Long Way

2022-02-08 No, Facebook Did Not ”Threaten” To Leave the EU

2022-02-07 Ikigai, Finding Your Passion

2022-02-04 Re: Collecting Reply Posts for Posterity

2022-02-03 Restrictions Are Being Lifted

2022-02-01 There Are No Cookies Here

2022-01-30 Collecting Reply Posts for Posterity

2022-01-29 RPG Day Deluxe

2022-01-27 Book Challenge Result: 🥈

2022-01-26 What is Acceptance, Anyway?

2022-01-25 Why Do Corporations Have to Grow?

2022-01-24 Book Reading Challenge Progress

2022-01-20 Book Reading Challenge!

2022-01-19 Fixes to gmi2html

2022-01-18 Updated gmi2html: Usable As Lib and CLI Tool

2022-01-18 Developer Support is Valuable

2022-01-17 On This Day in 1912 Robert Scott Reached the South Pole

2022-01-15 Remarkable How a Week of Work Changes Everything

2022-01-13 Re: Regexp Issues in GNOME Terminal(?)

2022-01-12 Regexp Issues in GNOME Terminal(?)

2022-01-10 Is Reading As Stimulating As Streaming?

2022-01-08 Games I’ve Found Addictive

2022-01-08 Words for Nightmares While Awake

2022-01-06 Is There a Word For Nightmares While Awake?

2022-01-04 Not Looking Forward to My Wonderful Job

2022-01-02 Considering Running Gemserv in Container

2021-12-31 Dear 2022

2021-12-29 Are Tabletop RPGs With 40+ Source Books Playable?

2021-12-27 Book Day

2021-12-26 Back at My Computer

2021-12-25 How Do I Make the Most Out of My Kobo eReader?

2021-12-24 Christmas Eve is Over

2021-12-22 So Socket Happened

2021-12-21 Buying Gifts

2021-12-20 Re: Re: Do You Ever Feel Stuck in a Loop?

2021-12-18 I Built a Living Room Table From Scrap Wood!

2021-12-17 Do You Ever Feel Stuck in a Loop?

2021-12-15 Re: Re: Broccoli: a Verb in Need of Meaning

2021-12-12 I Need to Break Down My Projects List

2021-12-11 Broccoli: a Verb in Need of Meaning

2021-12-10 That's Dr, not Mr, Thank You Very Much

2021-12-08 I Never Lend People Money

2021-12-07 Advent of Bloggers 2021, 6th and 7th and Sizzling Out...

2021-12-06 Sunday Girl's Night

2021-12-05 Advent of Bloggers 2021, Dec 5th

2021-12-04 Advent of Bloggers 2021, Dec 4th

2021-12-03 Advent of Bloggers 2021, Dec 3rd

2021-12-02 Hollywood World Rescue

2021-12-02 Advent of Bloggers 2021, Dec 2nd

2021-12-01 Advent of Bloggers 2021, Dec 1st

2021-11-29 Time, Energy, Motivation: Pick Two

2021-11-28 "Killing Zombie Children" and Other IT Terms

2021-11-27 Damn Small Software

2021-11-25 I Once Transitioned a Friend From Windows to Ubuntu

2021-11-24 I Want My Next Phone to Have a Headphone Jack

2021-11-24 Crashing Things in Space For Science!

2021-11-22 Non-sugary Desserts?

2021-11-19 Lightweight, Simple, and Cross-Platform GUI Programming?

2021-11-19 I'm Out of Ice Cream and My Tummy Hurts

2021-11-17 Current Things on My Mind

2021-11-17 An Old Nerd Anecdote

2021-11-15 Shadow and Bone

2021-11-13 Default Browser Styles

2021-11-12 My Running Advice

2021-11-11 To the Moon, At Any Cost

2021-11-07 Pacing a Convention Game Session

2021-11-03 A Feeling of Relief and Serenity

2021-11-02 It's Hard to Talk About Copyright

2021-11-01 Contacts Aren't Forever

2021-10-30 Merry Little Christmas!

2021-10-29 An Endless List of Side Quests

2021-10-28 Zombie Invasion Climate Catastrophe

2021-10-26 Budgeting and Tracking Expenses in a Spreadsheet

2021-10-24 Recipe: Chocolate Oatmeal Pralines

2021-10-23 The New Gemini Currency!

2021-10-22 The Solution to Corporate Spam

2021-10-20 Challenge: Do Something For a Community Project

2021-10-18 Boaty McBoatface and the Royal Ship Vasa

2021-10-17 Rounding Off the Week Perfectly

2021-10-14 What to Put on Your Capsule/Website

2021-10-13 Attended the IndieWeb Homebrew Website Club Meeting

2021-10-12 Recipe: Swedish Mudcake

2021-10-11 Steampunk Adventure Idea

2021-10-10 DB Fixing, Running, Baking, Podding, Scripting...

2021-10-07 Notes to Self About Debian Upgrade

2021-10-06 Topic Challenge: The Social Lives of Bees

2021-10-05 Cookie Consent Banners Aren't Actually Needed

2021-10-04 Anecdote About Legacy Code

2021-10-02 There are Only Two Timezones

2021-09-30 Inviting Bad Practice Solutions

2021-09-29 The Insidious Magic of Cats

2021-09-28 Tilde Meetup Over Jitsi, Saturday 06:00 UTC

2021-09-28 Ordered Some Custom Shirts

2021-09-28 Adapting to Circumstance vs Adapting Circumstance

2021-09-25 When Did Personal Computers Stop Improving?

2021-09-24 Simple Search Script on My Blog/Gemlog

2021-09-24 Python Packaging Solutions (or Thank You, dece!)

2021-09-24 Operation Venus: One Page Adventure

2021-09-20 Finally Understanding the Power of Git

2021-09-16 Recipe: Crumb-dough Fruit Pie

2021-09-15 Removing the Dock on Ubuntu

2021-09-13 Sparty is Finally Packaged

2021-09-12 Python Packaging Woes

2021-09-09 Searching Through Browser History?

2021-09-07 Automated Hiring Software is not "Mistakenly" Rejecting Millions of Viable Job Candidates

2021-09-06 Come For the Vamps, Stay For the Coming-of-Age Teenage Drama

2021-09-04 The Weird Economics of Deadly Dungeons

2021-08-31 Character Dynamics in Lady Blackbird

2021-08-30 The Problem of the Federated Timeline

2021-08-28 Less Server, but Better?

2021-08-26 "Slow" Running

2021-08-25 AV-98 (Fork) Updates

2021-08-21 Breaking Apart Code

2021-08-19 Re: The Lord of the Rings as a DnD Game

2021-08-16 BIGGER Update to Antenna

2021-08-15 BIG update to Antenna

2021-08-12 Too Many Projects?

2021-08-06 Wobbly Updates!

2021-08-05 Current Baking Habit

2021-07-30 Which Gemini Server Am I Looking For?

2021-07-26 I Heard You Like Browsers...

2021-07-25 I Wrote a General Gemtext Parser

2021-07-23 Wishing for Stricter Gemtext

2021-07-20 Turns and Twists in Life

2021-07-14 Sparty's Turn to Get Big Update

2021-07-11 Gemcall Now Supports Streaming and More

2021-07-10 Looking for Freelance Experience

2021-07-08 Re: Mesh Networks

2021-07-05 Sparty - A CLI Client for the Spartan Protocol

2021-07-02 Antenna is Now FLOSS

2021-06-30 Announcing Antenna

2021-06-29 Working on Antenna

2021-06-22 Help Me Make Eddie Less Dumb

2021-06-16 Charging Cat

2021-06-14 I'm Probably at 90% Up Time 😆️

2021-06-08 Operation Trojan Shield

2021-06-06 Grottröj #34 Was Yesterday

2021-06-03 I Didn’t Know I’m Doing This Much

2021-05-31 Combat Mechanic Thoughts For Link-Based Game

2021-05-27 Memex

2021-05-26 COVID and Revelations

2021-05-19 Looking Into BeautifulSoup4

2021-05-16 Self-Imposed Expectations

2021-05-11 Stuff I'm Doing

2021-05-07 Privacy vs Obsolescence

2021-05-06 Fanzine Collaborations I've Done

2021-05-03 My Local Branch of AV-98

2021-05-02 New Personal Best: 10km in 37:42

2021-04-30 The Boy Who Kept Some of the Lights On

2021-04-27 Fanzine Collaboration Methods

2021-04-22 Treasure Value in My OSR Adventures

2021-04-20 gmi2html Reaches 1.0

2021-04-19 It's Never Less Friday Than on Mondays

2021-04-16 Website Bloat

2021-04-13 Esperanto Flag in CSS

2021-04-12 What's In a Nation?

2021-04-07 I Want to Make An OSR Game

2021-04-02 Unreality

2021-03-31 NFTs: Pay Millions For Volatile Assets

2021-03-30 Why People Become Minimalists

2021-03-27 New Version of gmi2html!

2021-03-26 Self-Contained Version Controlled Plain Text

2021-03-25 Congratulations, Alyssa Rosenzweig!

2021-03-19 Don’t Read This Post

2021-03-17 Running, Past and Recent

2021-03-08 Can You Work Part Time?

2021-03-04 Pet Name System

2021-02-26 Vim Kanban Board

2021-02-17 Thoughts on the Internet and Climate

2021-02-16 The Disarray Data Type

2021-02-09 An Ode to Gemtext

2021-02-03 Distributed Social Media Is HARD

2021-01-19 Re: Traveller Madness

2021-01-07 Configuring the Apache Web Server for a Tilde

2021-01-06 Your Own Publishing Portal

2021-01-05 Some Gopher History

2021-01-04 Simple Incremental Backup With Rsync

2021-01-01 New Year, New Internet Presence!