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2021-09-25 When Did Personal Computers Stop Improving?

2021-09-24 Simple Search Script on My Blog/Gemlog

2021-09-24 Python Packaging Solutions (or Thank You, dece!)

2021-09-24 Operation Venus: One Page Adventure

2021-09-20 Finally Understanding the Power of Git

2021-09-16 Recipe: Crumb-dough Fruit Pie

2021-09-15 Removing the Dock on Ubuntu

2021-09-13 Sparty is Finally Packaged

2021-09-12 Python Packaging Woes

2021-09-09 Searching Through Browser History?

2021-09-07 Automated Hiring Software is not "Mistakenly" Rejecting Millions of Viable Job Candidates

2021-09-06 Come For the Vamps, Stay For the Coming-of-Age Teenage Drama

2021-09-04 The Weird Economics of Deadly Dungeons

2021-08-31 Character Dynamics in Lady Blackbird

2021-08-30 The Problem of the Federated Timeline

2021-08-28 Less Server, but Better?

2021-08-26 "Slow" Running

2021-08-25 AV-98 (Fork) Updates

2021-08-21 Breaking Apart Code

2021-08-19 Re: The Lord of the Rings as a DnD Game

2021-08-16 BIGGER Update to Antenna

2021-08-15 BIG update to Antenna

2021-08-12 Too Many Projects?

2021-08-06 Wobbly Updates!

2021-08-05 Current Baking Habit

2021-07-30 Which Gemini Server Am I Looking For?

2021-07-26 I Heard You Like Browsers...

2021-07-25 I Wrote a General Gemtext Parser

2021-07-23 Wishing for Stricter Gemtext

2021-07-20 Turns and Twists in Life

2021-07-14 Sparty's Turn to Get Big Update

2021-07-11 Gemcall Now Supports Streaming and More

2021-07-10 Looking for Freelance Experience

2021-07-08 Re: Mesh Networks

2021-07-05 Sparty - A CLI Client for the Spartan Protocol

2021-07-02 Antenna is Now FLOSS

2021-06-30 Announcing Antenna

2021-06-29 Working on Antenna

2021-06-22 Help Me Make Eddie Less Dumb

2021-06-16 Charging Cat

2021-06-14 I'm Probably at 90% Up Time 😆️

2021-06-08 Operation Trojan Shield

2021-06-06 Grottröj #34 Was Yesterday

2021-06-03 I Didn’t Know I’m Doing This Much

2021-05-31 Combat Mechanic Thoughts For Link-Based Game

2021-05-27 Memex

2021-05-26 COVID and Revelations

2021-05-19 Looking Into BeautifulSoup4

2021-05-16 Self-Imposed Expectations

2021-05-11 Stuff I'm Doing

2021-05-07 Privacy vs Obsolescence

2021-05-06 Fanzine Collaborations I've Done

2021-05-03 My Local Branch of AV-98

2021-05-02 New Personal Best: 10km in 37:42

2021-04-30 The Boy Who Kept Some of the Lights On

2021-04-27 Fanzine Collaboration Methods

2021-04-22 Treasure Value in My OSR Adventures

2021-04-20 gmi2html Reaches 1.0

2021-04-19 It's Never Less Friday Than on Mondays

2021-04-16 Website Bloat

2021-04-13 Esperanto Flag in CSS

2021-04-12 What's In a Nation?

2021-04-07 I Want to Make An OSR Game

2021-04-02 Unreality

2021-03-31 NFTs: Pay Millions For Volatile Assets

2021-03-30 Why People Become Minimalists

2021-03-27 New Version of gmi2html!

2021-03-26 Self-Contained Version Controlled Plain Text

2021-03-25 Congratulations, Alyssa Rosenzweig!

2021-03-19 Don’t Read This Post

2021-03-17 Running, Past and Recent

2021-03-08 Can You Work Part Time?

2021-03-04 Pet Name System

2021-02-26 Vim Kanban Board

2021-02-17 Thoughts on the Internet and Climate

2021-02-16 The Disarray Data Type

2021-02-09 An Ode to Gemtext

2021-02-03 Distributed Social Media Is HARD

2021-01-19 Re: Traveller Madness

2021-01-07 Configuring the Apache Web Server for a Tilde

2021-01-06 Your Own Publishing Portal

2021-01-05 Some Gopher History

2021-01-04 Simple Incremental Backup With Rsync

2021-01-01 New Year, New Internet Presence!