Advent of Bloggers 2021, Dec 1st

James G proposed and IndieWeb advent calendar of sort, an I'm going to do my best to tag along. In short the idea is that I should each day until Christmas Eve present one blog that I follow and explain why I follow it, and maybe even link to a few posts that I particularly like.

I follow a mix of blogs (on the web) and gemlogs (in geminispace), but I'm not even sure they add up to 24 to be honest. We'll have to see!

So, Today's Blog

I'm going to start off by recommending James G's own blog.


He writes mostly about coffee and his own software projects, including his work on the blog itself. I love the mix of coffee trivia and experience with different brews and brewing methods, the interviews with people in the coffee/café industry. I also love his series on connecting his thermal printer to his blog, or building new themes or a static site generator. He's also recently started a series on building your own feed aggregator, which is really cool.

Some posts I especially like:

Building a Feed Reader to Follow Blogs and Websites: Part I

Introducing the HyperText Coffee Pot

Coffee Chat with Conor from HBW Coffee (this is just one example of the interview posts I was talking about. I love them all)

Some things to keep in mind if you build a search engine (Oh, yeah! He built a search engine and wrote a post series about it. Fun and informative read)

-- CC0 Björn Wärmedal