The Stonecutter, Part 5

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He found that clouds had a great freedom. No longer was he bound to the orbit of the Sun. He could now travel wherever he wanted whenever he wanted.

Nighttime was not a blind spot for him anymore. That was something he hadn’t reflected on when he was the Sun, but now he found entertainment in obscuring the moon to make someone lose their way in the dark, or dispersing himself to reveal the starry night to a loving couple.

He could cause rains and floods. He could alleviate the heat that had so bothered him as a noble.

It was a glorious existence. For a brief period.

As Autumn came into its own the former stonecutter felt his power encroached upon. His attempts at travel and exploration were disturbed by winds, which he could impossibly go against.

The winds becames stronger and wilder and there was no escaping them. They tossed him about, spun him around, tore him to pieces, pushed him.

Just as before he became mad, but also afraid. He wasn’t just bested; he was completely at their mercy.

”I wish,” he thought, ”that I was the wind.”

What a delight it was! The freedom, the lightness, and most of all the power!

To be continued.

-- CC0 Björn Wärmedal