The Stonecutter, Part 4

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He became more and more ecstatic, and as previously started to take his power for granted. Nobody and nothing could stop him. All through the summer he either burned the lands or observed and spared the people, depending solely on his own whims.

For the first time he saw more than the country he was born in. He saw the world, and in a way he conquered it. Everyone was now his subject; that is they were subject to his moods and wants.

Now and then he was annoyed, however. There were times when he felt like destroying a crop but clouds blocked his way. Equally there were times when he wanted to observe a particularly interesting scene or scenery but was blocked in the same way.

As Autumn came closer this happened more and more frequently. He felt more and more annoyed, but more than that he felt defied. In the late summer he'd finally had enough. It was obvious to him that there was something powerful enough to defy the Sun itself. Clouds.

"I wish," he thought, "that I was the clouds."

And being the clouds was gleeful and energetic. He could once again see everything, and he travelled more freely because he was no longer tied to the rotation of the Earth.

He especially found joy in controlling the Sun's influence. His power also grew, because he himself grew. More and more clouds were formed and became a part of his very being.

While the people on the ground didn't pay as much attention to him as before this was mutual. He was busy controlling stronger powers than only the mere mortals on the ground.

To be continued.

-- CC0 Björn Wärmedal