The Stonecutter, Part 2

You'll find part 1 here.

One day when he was in a big city the crowd on the street he was on suddenly parted, and he heard a voice yelling at people to step aside. Soon a group of men carrying a palanquin. Everyone around him not only gave way but bowed to whoever was in that palanquin.

The stonecutter, well merchant now I guess, was compelled to bow himself. Simply because everyone else did and it made him fear what would happen if he didn't.

It was clear that the person being carried past him was someone of importance. A noble, probably. Someone with the power to make people bow just by their presence. Someone who is obeyed and respected.

The stonecutter-turned-merchant became angry and jealous. Here he was, the most powerful and respected he had ever been, and still he had to bow in the dirt. He found himself wishing that he was this noble.

And just like that his wish came true.

As he looked out over the crowd bowing to him he felt pleased. Now he was truly at the top of the food chain. Truly respected. No-one would make him bow now. His will was all that mattered.

All through that winter he enjoyed luxuries and power beyond his wildest dreams. Food, goods, services, men, women. Anything he wanted would come to him when he asked for it. And if it didn't he had people punished or even executed. His word was law, absolute and unchallenged. He never bowed again. Never felt cowered by anyone or anything.

To be continued.

-- CC0 Björn Wärmedal