Book Reading Challenge Progress

I started a book reading challenge last week.

My average for Thursday + Friday was about 30 pages. On Saturday I dedicated a few hours to reading, raising my average to a full 56 pages that day included. But then I didn't read anything at all yesterday.

I think the gold medal level is out of reach for me, but with some dedication I can probably get the silver. That's pretty good! The gold medal level is supposed to be very challenging, after all.

Tonight is an open slot in my schedule. I'll try to get a couple of hours of reading in. I haven't done any serious measurements, but a quick estimate showed that I read about one page every two minutes. This is in a book written in 1912-1920 in my secondary language (English). I feel like that's pretty good. Speed reading has never been a goal for me and I wonder if I would be able to process the text if I read much faster.

-- CC0 Björn Wärmedal