Being Laid Off, Starting New Chapter

My employer is going through cutdowns and layoffs at the moment. Swedish labour law is pretty unforgiving when it comes to layoffs; there are strict rules around who you get to let go and the measures you have to take in order to justify it. In order to circumvent that somewhat and get to axe people from anywhere across the organisation my employer has decided to offer very generous severance packages to a select 20 or so per cent of employees.

I got the offer yesterday, and it's very good indeed. I signed it this morning. Yesterday it felt kind of shit and turbulent, and a bit confusing and scary. But today... I'm actually somewhat optimistic. I've been trying to figure out my career and life goals a lot recently, as well as struggling on a personal level. Now I feel a sense of freedom. I can window shop my choices and spend most of my time reflecting over what I want and which employers match my values.

The job market in my sector, and for my skill set, is to my advantage. Especially now that so many companies offer remote work. I don't expect to be between jobs for long.

Just waiting for my exit interview and other practicalities to be done. Then off to new adventures!

-- CC0 Björn Wärmedal