I Need to Break Down My Projects List

I really haven't made headway on anything, more or less, lately. Partly because I've been tired and down. When I am I try to find movies to watch, but I've probably averaged almost an hour a day this week just scrolling through the offerings of Netflix and Disney+ without finding anything. That hour would be better spent moving stuff to the DONE column on my kanban board.

The problem is that when I lack energy I can't take on an item like "migrate to new server". It may be easy to look at that when I'm up, energetic, and motivated, but now I'd need it to be broken down in very small and simple tasks. Very small. Something like "install package X", "create user Y", "give user Y group Z". Stuff that's just one command and done.

In a way each item on the to do list should be broken up in pieces so small that ticking each task off feels akin to watching a loading bar rather than doing work.

I'm hoping to have some time and energy tomorrow to break down one task like that. Just one, because I don't want to aim for the stars.

-- CC0 Björn Wärmedal