How to Watch Terminator

I've re-watched all the Terminator movies in the past few days, trying to determine how they fit together in some sort of watch order. (A small disclaimer is in order: I haven't seen a single episode of the Sarah Connor Chronicles. This post is about the movies only.)

It's not... easy. Almost all those following Terminator: Judgment Day are reboots or rewrites of the storyline. Although they do take advantage of the confusing mechanics of time travel to sort of make it work.

So how do we do this? Let's attempt to make some sense to it. Here's what I choose to call the School Bus Approach to Terminator (stupid name, sure, but I'm just now re-watching the scene in Genisys where a school bus tumbles around on the Golden Gate Bridge).

In essence the very best of the franchise is the original trilogy. If you want to enjoy the highlights but aren't a hardcore fan then stick with that. The rest of them can be watched in any order, since they're not really sequels or prequels in any meaningful way. Except watch Genisys last, as I said. If you've gotten tired of robots from the future already by then it's no loss.

-- CC0 Björn Wärmedal