Self Hosting Feed Reader

I installed FreshRSS last night (it wasn't entirely straightforward for someone who hasn't dealt with php installs in ages) and I gotta say it already blows Feedly out of the water.

Feedly was great when I started using it a bunch of years ago. It's been the only feed reader I've used and it really changed how I interact with a lot of websites. But feedly has constantly gotten worse over the years in an attempt to be more feature-full.

Some things that have really disturbed me include:

None of these are really big changes in and of themselves, but they do clutter up the interface a bit and especially the first two are truly annoying to me. What I dislike the most I guess is the general trend towards a heavier and slower website made so by features that aren't for me.

FreshRSS let's me just read my feeds. I installed it on my Raspberry Pi 2B, where I host this website and capsule along with thelounge.chat and Antenna (by far my most used service). Despite the low powered and much utilised server the FreshRSS interface is a lot faster than Feedly. And I really do mean a lot.

I'm happy so far. I'll try it out for a few days and if I still love it I'll ditch Feedly.

FreshRSS project website.

-- CC0 Björn Wärmedal