Grottröj #34 Was Yesterday

Yesterday was the 34th installment of my quarterly Old School RPG convention. It’s over discord, like the last four times before it. I really really hope that next time will be in person, but that depends on vaccination rates and restrictions.

I had great fun, as always! We had two groups with DM and four players each. My group got to explore Dr Moreaun’s Island, which I had scribbled together during the day. It was a fun session. That said, the adventure has room for improvements.

My adventure building for these Old School oneshots have become a little too formulaeistic. I know what works and stick to it. While that allows me to whip up an entertaining adventure in a short time it also feels quite… unsatisfying. An adventure quickly created like that is okay, and it’s probably a lot more fun to play than it is for me to write. But it lacks that little extra flair. The oomph.

Next time I’ll try to start working on an adventure sooner. Maybe start by throwing together a quick thing and leaving it to rest for a couple of days before looking at it again. I think that in itself would improve the adventure.

-- CC0 Björn Wärmedal