The Old iMac G3

I found out the other day that my neighbour has an iMac G3, from 1999. They haven't used it for a decade, of course, because... well... I guess it just isn't worthwhile at this point. It got me curious though, so I checked out the specs:

My old Asus EEE is much more powerful than that. Yet, as mentioned previously, one needs a lot more power for a computer to be useful today. I've seen many complain that the latest Raspberry Pi 4B is nowhere near living up to its promise of working as a desktop computer! And it has:

If you had the iMac G3 back in the day, would you like to share your experiences with it? What did you use it for, and was it adequate for it?

I'll take this opportunity to link to posts and articles about frugal computing, sustainable computing, permacomputing, and similar. Expect updates here as I find more.

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