AsiaStar Redux

I've made another OpenTTD mod.

It's a small mod that adds two more trains to the game. One is designed in 2005 and the other in 2015.

The project page is here.

A couple of excerpts from the project page explain it well enough

What It is

Just like the AsiaStar is inspired by the original EuroStar train, this version is inspired by the 2004 refurbishment of the EuroStar, called 373, and the 2015 model 374.
Beyond new interiors the refurbishment brought significant engine upgrades. The latter 374 improved further on this.

Why It is

Back when the game was made the AsiaStar was the fastest electric train on a regular rail. It's designed in 1993 and no more engines are added to the regular electric rail after that. The monorail and maglev trains are of course a lot faster and are meant to take over later in the game.
There's a case to be made for a faster and stronger electric train, however. Not least because it's realistic; the EuroStar of today regularly drives at 300 km/h, compared to the AsiaStar top speed of 265 km/h. But also because monorail and maglev shouldn't be better than rail by such a huge leap.
Other train NewGRFs tend to add gigantic amounts of vehicles, but this one only adds two that are needed to fill a gap.

I hope you like it!

-- CC0 Björn Wärmedal