BORROW MONEY FOR FREE (If You Already Have Them)

I set some money aside in funds each month, but I also have a savings account that I keep at about €5,000. I call it my buffer account. This is where I borrow money from when I need it. I can repay the loan at any rate I want, and there is no interest or late fees. In a way I am my own bank for the purpose of payday loans.

That's just one of the many small perks of already having money. If I wouldn't have had an income that allowed me to set money aside like that I wouldn't be able to take a sudden expense such as my car breaking down.

In the fediverse I very often (almost every day) see people in economical predicaments asking for money for things like car repair, electric bills, rent, or food. It strikes me how extremely unfair life is. I can not only deal with my usual expenses, but handle fairly big unexpected events. And so many others can't. It's pretty horrible, really.

-- CC0 Björn Wärmedal