RPG Day Deluxe

Game time today! I'd totally forgotten that I had two separate RPG activities planned.

Adventure Writing Challenge

At 13:00 I took part in a challenge where a theme was randomised from two d20 tables, and then each contestant had exactly one hour to write an adventure with that theme. The theme turned out to be "Light" and "Candy", and I immediately got started writing a silly Willy Wonka-style dungeon (no ompaloompas). The idea was a candy factory powered by artificial suns that had now somehow gone out. As they did an ancient evil was able to creep into the factory and turn the candy alive! And of course living candy moves anything that isn't nailed down.

The PCs are tasked with finding the three artificial suns (unbreakable glass spheres of three different sizes) and bring them to their respective generator room. And also rescue any workers who might still be in there.

It turned out as a pretty decent dungeon. And the concept is definitely something my kids would love. I might run it for them.

The game is available below. It's written in Swedish, and it wouldn't make much sense to translate because the monsters are based on candy that are pretty Swedish. Not sure if the exist in countries outside the Nordics.

Game Night

A few friends asked me if I could GM the adventure I ran for SävCon last year for them! I was "To the Moon, At Any Cost" which I've written about here earlier. After some technical glitches we got started over discord at around 20:00 and played until just before midnight. It's now 00:15 and I am waaaaay past bedtime and feeling it.

The session was great fun! The group decided to work for Tesla. They carried out violent sabotage at absurd levels. We all had great fun!


"Silly Wonka och Totalpaniken" (Silly Wonka and the Total Panic)

To the Moon, At Any Cost

Now bed.

-- CC0 Björn Wärmedal