Collecting Reply Posts for Posterity

I pretty often take part in conversations on different topics by writing reply posts. The practice is quite simple: I see a post with title "Foo" and then reply with the title "Re: Foo". Most of the time the original author checks the same aggregators as I do and will see my reply, otherwise I'll send them an email telling them I've replied.

The conversation is often easy to follow in real time. It starts with one post, which is followed by one or two replies, etc. Each reply post usually links back to at least one of the former posts, keeping the context pretty obvious.

But let's say someone stumbles upon the first post only. They'll never know there were replies.

I have a collection I maintain for my own sake with posts in geminispace about Personal Digital Assistants. As soon as I find a new post about it I add a link to it. It's not very often now. I'm pondering whether I should start doing the same for conversations I take part in, or at least those that start with one of my posts. Just add links to replies as I stumble upon them.

If nothing else I feel like it would help me coming back to subjects later.

Here's my (gemini) page with links to PDA posts.

Oh! A finishing thought: have you thought about how this becomes like a decentralised forum? It's pretty cool. Decentralised wiki-likes could be done in a similar fashion, I guess.

-- CC0 Björn Wärmedal