Rubik’s Cube to the Rescue

For medical reasons I had to spend the latter half of yesterday and the first half of today in a very idle manner. No need to expand on that except to say that it was planned and all is fine.

Two days ago I was talked into buying a Rubik’s cube. I’ve had one before but never been motivated to learn it, but now it was one of few things that I could do with my time.

It took me two hours to solve it the first time, following a thorough tutorial on youtube. Every time I missed a step or messed something up I started from the beginning. Subsequently I was already very good at the first two steps after solving it just that one time.

After solving it once and learning the notation I searched for a written instruction. Pretty much anyone will do of course. The steps are the same, even though I’m sure there are several ways to solve each step.

The longer algorithms of the latter steps took a bit of time to memorise, but not horribly so.

All in all it turns out I could learn to solve it without instructions in about four hours, and am already down to less than four minutes unless I screw something up and have to redo earlier steps. I’m not aiming for good times or anything, but the little thing is surprisingly addictive and more and more of the solution I’ve learned just goes on reflex already.

Do I get some sort of nerd points for this?

-- CC0 Björn Wärmedal