Impatient, Ascetic, Awesome

I'm moving from a one bedroom apartment to a three bedroom apartment barely a kilometre away. I was supposed to get the keys to the new apartment on Friday 1/9 (that's the first of September -- stop putting the month first; you're doing it wrong), and since I have my kids this weekend I've planned the move for Saturday 9/9 (the day is still before the month, even if you can't tell). I've booked a truck and organised a few friends to help me.

But as luck would have it I got the keys today at 15:30. And I just can't wait for two weeks before starting. That's just too long.

I packed the car full and drove over. Then did that two more times. Then I parked the car at my old (current?) home and took my bike to the new flat and unpacked the few boxes I'd moved over there and re-assembled the furniture. And in just three hours I had moved a third of my belongings by myself. Because I don't own much, and I don't own a single thing that I can't fit into my car and haven't carried alone before.

I feel pretty awesome about this. Tomorrow I'll be getting some help and it's quite possible that everything will be moved by the evening. The odds are pretty high that I'll have moved before the weekend and can cancel the booking for the truck and invite my friends for tea instead. I know that with the truck I could probably take everything in one go, and having 3 or 4 friends help would mean I can get it done in a couple of hours. It also means that I'd have to pack everything at once in a big pile of boxes and then unpack everything again. Apart from furniture I only moved four boxes today and they're all unpacked already. I easily feel overwhelmed and get pacified when I have a mountain of work in front of me, but a few pebbles can even be fun.

There'll be some downtime for my homepage and services (Antenna, most notably) when I move the servers, but I believe I can keep it down to a couple of hours and I'll give at least a day's heads up.

-- CC0 Björn Wärmedal