I Bought a Sofa Bed That Wasn't For Sale

I needed a sofa bed and started looking around. The only one that fit my criteria was the IKEA Nyhamn. The problem was that it doesn't currently exist.

To be more precise hardly any IKEA store (at least here in Sweden) has it in because of logistical issues. And they don't know when they'll have it again; they can't even guesstimate which month it might come back.

This was all confirmed to me by the support staff. I asked them if I could buy one of the two they had on exhibition in the store here in town, and they politely told me no. They don't sell the show pieces unless the model is being phased out.

But a no isn't really a no when it comes from the wrong person. I went to the store, found the manager for the sofa section, pointed to the one I wanted and said "I want to buy that - exactly that - sofa". They gave me confused look, but when I explained what customer support had told me they verified it: an order was placed for more, but it had no known delivery date.

They looked at the sofa, then at me, then back at the sofa. Then they shrugged and said "I guess it would be much better if I put something there that I can actually sell."

Best part: because it's a show piece I got it for almost half price.

I had to go home and get my car, and picking it apart in just the right way to be able to load it in was a hassle. But it's here in my home now!

-- CC0 Björn Wärmedal