Re: Collecting Reply Posts for Posterity

I did some work on my website and capsule and implemented it in a way. On my main page I now have a category called "Articles and Collections." For now it contains links to a few posts that have received a bunch of answers, and I've compiled links to those answers. Of course I can't guarantee that those URLs will always exist, but as long as they do someone can proceed to follow the discussion like it was a forum thread.

If or when I write longer posts that are likely to be referenced in the future I'll add them there too. Maybe create collections with posts about running or similar returning topics. It'll be a bit of manual curation work to do, but it would definitely be worth it. I guess it would have a similar use as having tags, except I wouldn't tag all posts. I like that idea.

"Collecting Reply Posts for Posterity"

-- CC0 Björn Wärmedal