That Time a Car Was Attacked by a Tree

You've ever known someone who is just perpetually unlucky? I've known a few. This is a story from one of them from some decade back.

They'd traveled from Umeå here in Sweden to a city in Norway and parked their car in a small parking lot and walked into a store. When they came back out an old tree that grew in front of the parking spot had given up life and fallen, flattening the car as its final act.

Enter insurance company and local municipality. The car ended up at a mechanic's for more than a month while the insurance company argued that the municipality should pay because it should've removed the tree before this happened, and the municipality argued that the insurance company should pay because it had after all insured the car.

I don't know how they reached an agreement, but they did. It was time for repairs to start. Except they couldn't, because the mechanic had accidentally sent the car to be crushed instead of another car on their lot...

When the poor car owner told me this the matter had yet to be resolved. I haven't actually spoken to them since and don't know what the eventual outcome was.

-- CC0 Björn Wärmedal