Tea Tea Deluxe 1.4.0 Released

Tea Tea Deluxe is one of my mods for OpenTTD, available for download in game.

A little late because I released it more than a week ago, but still. As the previous versions 1.4.0 contains:

Changes in 1.4.0 are bigger than changes for previous versions:

I'm quite happy with these tweaks and additions and as always after a new release I feel that the mod is now perfect. And as always I'll probably find more things to change in the future.

Something About Other Mods

On the horizon there is a tiny bug fix I want to make for my AsiaStar Redux mod. Right now these engines always show up at the top of the listing, instead of sorted by introduction date.

I also have two other mods I want to make, but these will wait until I return to the surface after my deep affair with Blender.

-- CC0 Björn Wärmedal