Movie Review: Cosmic Sin

To exterminate an intelligent civilisation is to commit a cosmic sin.

Paraphrased; it was more than a week since I watched it and i don't remember the exact line.

Cosmic Sin is a Netflix Original movie starring aging but still cool Bruce Willis. I didn't have high expectations of it, but I didn't quite expect what I got anyway.

I thought I would see a medium quality bog standard special-effects-driven action movie, without any sort of experiments in shape or form. My impression after watching it was rather different. The mean quality is definitely bog standard, but it varies wildly over the course of the movie. Some things are very good, while other things are less so.

The good things:

At the same time there is a whole lot of inconsistency in the storytelling. Interesting characters that are well introduced only to step back and become part of the background tapestry. Important and central questions that we come to expect an answer to but are left hanging. Blurry (literally) things that are planted but never harvested.

I was left mostly confused. The director and script writer make a whole lot of promises during the movie but fail to fulfill them. I don't know exactly where things went wrong in production. Maybe they had a lot of script writers with short deadlines. Maybe the director had other ideas that were removed in cutting. Maybe they just aren't very talented.

Also, any movie in which characters can talk in the vacuum of space instantly loses points.

All in all I hover between 1 and 2 out of 5 teacups for this one, depending on if I count the talking-in-space thing or not. It's an okay movie to have playing in the background while doing chores, but pick something better for movie night.

-- CC0 Björn Wärmedal