Words for Nightmares While Awake

hyperreal responded that they use the term "daymare" for the experience. That sounds logical.

Through other channels I've also been told that it's called a "waking nightmare", which to be honest sounds equally logical.

Another suggestion, at least when they're caused by complex PTSD, can be "emotional flashback".

It's probably safe to assume that there's more to this field than I thought. There's probably different variations of the causes and the experience itself, like whether it's more of an emotion, a memory, a train of thought triggered by a memory or event, etc. And of course what kind of mental state or disorders one is in or suffers from.

I'm not going to delve deeper into this, other than noting that it's more complex than I thought. Which I guess should be obvious from the start.

-- CC0 Björn Wärmedal