Vim Kanban Board

If you're like me you have at least one todo.txt lying around in your filesystem. You may have tried using Trello for your personal projects. Maybe you've looked at (or even tried) Taskwarrior, or something similar.

But all I want is a todo list where I can move tasks between columns. That's all.

Y'know, we can do that in a CSV file, or a spreadsheet. But of course we can do it in vim too!

Just create a file called kanban.txt (or whatever), and start it with these lines:

# vim: tabstop=50 shiftwidth=50

Make sure modeline is set in your .vimrc file. That's it, really. You'll want to hardwrap lines when they get too long, of course, and use the Visual Line mode and > to indent (i.e. move it to the next category). And Visual Line mode to cut and paste when you want to move a task up or down.

-- CC0 Björn Wärmedal