Update on Current Reading

I decided to let Mistborn go for now. Instead I picked up the next book on my reading list: Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen. The 19th century language can at times be a little confusing for me as a non-native English speaker, but it does get better quickly.

I was a little afraid that I'd have a hard time getting started with it. Normally fantasy and scifi are my favourite genres, but lately I've started feeling that I've sort of read everything in it. It's hard to find a book in that niche that feels original, and not just a formulaic re-iteration of known and predictable themes.

Which is why I'm trying some classics. I guess the only thing further from my usual taste would be Harlequin novels!

To make it easier on myself I decided to read a couple of books at the same time. I read a few chapters of Sense and Sensibility and then switch to the Twilight trilogy (which I've read twice before in the last year, and I still don't know exactly why I like it so much, but it does make for an easy read).

I'm about 16% into the Austen novel now according to my Kobo and I'm actually fast approaching a point where I'll find it hard to set down. The language is now easier to understand, making the reading more fluid. And I've wrapped my head around who the different characters are (Mrs Dashwood is the mother-in-law of Mrs John Dashwood; they're not the same person). Pretty soon I'll probably stop putting it down to consume some vampire romance intermittently.

Had someone told me even two years ago that I would read Austen and enjoy it I would probably have laughed out loud. I mean, Pride and Prejudice without zombies? Seriously?

But yeah... That's probably next on my reading list, and I wouldn't be surprised if I move on to the Bronte sisters later.


Why I can't get into the Mistborn trilogy.

Sense and Sensibility on Standard Ebooks. Support them! They do amazing work with public domain literature.

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