Well Paying Jobs That Don’t Suck

Sometimes I wonder if I’m in the right profession. Or even in the right field. I can get into all of that another time; this isn’t about that.

A few days ago I did a web search for the query ”well paying jobs that don’t suck”. Yes, this is one of those stories about how web search sucks and the web is garbage nowadays.

The entire first page were titles along the lines of ”25 jobs that don’t suck” or ”The 30 best jobs in 2023” (that one forgot to update the timestamp in the title, obviously. I decided to try one called ”26 jobs that don’t suck (and pay well)”

It was probably an ad-ridden page. I don’t know, I use an adblocker. As for the content… They could at least have tried!

I didn’t even read all entries. A quick glance and there were gems like ”dogwalker” which apparently pays $15-$20 per hour. Hardly a wage to write home about. Also ”daytrader” with income that ”depends”. I wonder why gambler wasn’t included.

I also learned that ”income varies” for self-published authors.

All in all I didn’t see a single job on the list that paid well. And quite honestly most of them objectively sucked.

Do you know of any well paying jobs that don’t suck? Share and explain!

-- CC0 Björn Wärmedal