Advent of Bloggers 2021, 6th and 7th and Sizzling Out...

I will try to each day until Christmas Eve present one blog or gemlog that I follow and explain why I follow it, and maybe even link to a few posts that I particularly like.

That's the plan I laid out on Dec 1st, but I did also warn that "I'm not even sure they add up to 24 to be honest. We'll have to see!"

As it turns out almost all of the blogs I subscribe to in Feedly have fallen asleep in the last few years. In geminispace there are few gemlogs that I specifically follow; pretty much all of them are on Antenna and I pick the interesting posts more often than I look for a specific gemlog.

I'd like to leave two last tips:

Idiomdrottning is a website/capsule with collections of art, poetry, and a blog/gemlog covering personal things, art, and programming (specifically lisp and scheme).

Low←Tech Magazine is an awesome site and blog that posts seldom but makes it up in long and well researched articles about the problems we face in modern society and how old technology and methods can be applied to solve them, among other subjects around technology, climate, and infrastructure.

With that I think I'm giving up on the advent calendar and go back to my usual more or less random offering 😊

-- CC0 Björn Wärmedal