Check Out My Recommendations

In my circles there's been an increasing interest in "Links" pages as a way to help people discover interesting content by looking at what people you like like. For a long time I've had a "favourites.gmi" page on my capsule, but it's been pretty neglected. This file is being removed and replaced.

You can find a living document of things I like here now.

For now I've taken that favourites.gmi file and restructured it and added a bit to it, but you can expect a lot more additions in the near future. I'll be adding links as soon as I find stuff I like. To make this process smooth I've linked this directory to both my capsule and my website. I'll be adding links to the gemini index file, but the web index file is a CGI script that translates it for the web dynamically. This saves me from keeping two documents identical in content (and having to write HTML by hand).

I hope you find something you like there!

-- CC0 Björn Wärmedal