Capsules and Pages I Like

What Do I Subscribe to On the Web?

I have my own FreshRSS installation, which doesn't do gemini. For gemini I mostly check Antenna for subscriptions, as pretty much all the gemlogs I like post there. But for the web you can find my OPML file here:

Here's my OPML file.

Youtube Stuff

(https) LugnutsK, videos about how to do stuff in OpenTTD

(https) The Spiffing Brit, breaking video games and drinking tea

(https) PostmodernJukebox, new music in old ways

Recommended Reading

(gemini) Joneworlds

(gemini) The Gemini Specification

(gemini) Idiomdrottning

(gemini) smolZINE, a zine about the smolnet

(gemini) Konpeito Media - chill mixtapes, good vibes

(gemini) The Static File Startup [ 2022-03-18 ] (A satiricial text)

(gemini) RE: The Static File Startup (A non-satirical answer)

(https) Lamentations about the bloated web.

(https) "Cheating Entropy With Native Web Tech" by Jim Nielsen.

Learn About the IndieWeb

(https) The IndieWeb homepage.

Fun and Games

(gemini) AstroBotany, for that sweet sweet virtual gardening

(gemini) Wordtunneler, a game for the alphabetically inclined

(gemini) Ijirait, a gemini-based MUSH

(gemini) Cosmic Voyage, a shared science fiction setting with a huge variety of different stories

(gemini) Fahrenheit Outpost, solo SciFi RPG adventure by yours truly

(gemini) Royal Wedding Crasher, solo Fantasy RPG adventure by yours truly

(gemini) Spellbinding

Find Things in Geminispace

(gemini) geminispace.info

(gemini) "Totally Legit" Gemini Search

(gemini) kelbot's gem-port

(gemini) medusae.space geminispace directory

My Own Stuff

(gemini) Antenna - the portal to geminispace

(gemini) Antenna's twtxt page

My site/capsule

(gemini) BerXerk, the marketplace for NFT-like gemini assets

Other Aggregators in Geminispace

(gemini) Cosmos; an awesome capsule for following discussions

(gemini) Calcuode's gmnisub instance

(gemini) nytpu's aggregator for both gemini and gopher feeds

(gemini) Nightfall City, a community building aggregator

(gemini) Spacewalk

(gemini) CAPCOM