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I received so many interesting and thoughtful replies to this.

I guess ultimately we have our habits and routines. In my youth this was the life I dreaded the most; every day being like the previous. Maybe I was afraid of stagnating, of no longer moving forward. Now I wonder if it could be that I was in an unnecessary hurry.

Building a table this weekend felt so far out of the ordinary it got me thinking again. Yes, I feel stuck in a loop, but I also move forward. It's a hamster wheel, except it's not attached to a scaffold. It rolls as I walk in it.

Stupid metaphor maybe, but my point is that progress isn't always fast, and letting things take time is sometimes very valuable. I've been thinking about what kind of living room table I want for weeks, even if it's been at the back of my mind. Finding scrap wood and see what I could do with it was always one possibility of several. Eventually, when the time was right, it happened.

The same with my painting. I spent weeks figuring out the techniques, motif, and colours. Eventually I just needed to find a time slot for it.

I had another look at my kanban board yesterday morning. It's been a while since I took a proper look at it, and lo and behold so much has happened. Not in the progression of tasks, mind you. Not one has moved to a new column in a month or so. The progress is more subtle. Ideas have matured and I realised that I could revise a lot of the tasks in my to do column. They could be vastly simplified and made more incremental.

Sometimes I guess time and patience is a friend, and what looks like a loop is really a maturity process. We always move forward, even if we don't check off boxes on lists.


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