Oh, Poop.

Lately there was this smell coming from the rug in my hallway. It wasn't strong but sharp and I noticed it whenever I bent down to pick up my shoes.

Last week I decided to get the smell out and poured some baking powder over it, and covered it with a wet towel. It worked, which was actually a bit surprising.

Anyway, more or less just when I'd done that I went on a trip to Finland for a few days. At some point during that trip, I don't remember exactly when, I sat down cross legged to wait for someone or something and that same acidic smell hit me stronger than it had ever done in the hallway.

Apparently it came from my shoes. As I looked them over I found a lump of something mud-looking, which of course was the source of the stench. I've had cats, so I know cat poo when I smell it.

I tried really hard to wash it out of the sole but even though I removed every trace I could of the vile substance the smell just wouldn't come out.

Those shoes are old. Very old, even. I've tried fixing them up as they've worn out in different ways over the years but in the last few months it's become impossible. Several seams have loosened and when that happens it's a snowball effect. It was time to replace them either way. Thankfully, because that made the whole ordeal quite simple!

As soon as we got home I tossed the shoes, and the day after I bought new ones. I really hope it doesn't happen again, especially not before my new shoes are equally worn out.

-- CC0 Björn Wärmedal