Operation Venus: One Page Adventure

I'm participating in a one page adventure challenge. At first I was a bit out of inspiration, but then I remembered a previous discussion about game ideas that are sort of stupid but I'd still like to write.

My kind of stupid idea is that I'd like to make a game like Mutant Chronicles, except with rules that are a much lighter version of the action oriented system of my game Mega City Mage Punk. And a setting that has the same feel but is more concisely written and creative commons.

I'm not sure I'll ever do it of course, but it feels like a good idea to simplify it even further and try out the concept on a one page adventure. That's also just the one illustration to make, which is manageable.

It's in Swedish now, but I can make an English version if there's interest for it.

Relevant Links

The one page adventure Operation Venus.

My game Mega City Mage Punk.

-- CC0 Björn Wärmedal