Hey, 2024! No promises.

The change of a digit in my calendar doesn't mean much to me. I have plans and hopes for the coming months anyway and I'm not gonna turn them into New Year resolutions.

I've had to pause so many plans for the past few months because of life and finances. There's just not been room for much. Some of that pressure is easing in the near future, thankfully, which will hopefully give me the opportunity to follow through on some things.

The most important thing is family, of course. I've been divorced for over a year now, but so much has happened in that time that I can't really say my new life has settled yet. There are still things to work out around what living arrangements are best for the kiddos, but at least our communication and cooperation around that works pretty well.

The next few months are by no means a new start or a pivoting point. Life continues on its merry path and keeps changing. Sometimes for the better, sometimes not. Stability isn't something I expect to fully have for quite some time, if ever again. But I believe I'm learning to navigate the currents a little better each day.

-- CC0 Björn Wärmedal