Advent of Bloggers 2021, Dec 3rd

I will try to each day until Christmas Eve present one blog or gemlog that I follow and explain why I follow it, and maybe even link to a few posts that I particularly like.

This will be short because I've had a long day and am quite frankly cognitively depleted 😅

Today I'd like to bring your attention to Piper Haywood's blog.

This is the post that originally pulled me in.

I stumbled upon it while researching what a commonplace book is (a topic left for some other time). This post is pure gold to me. I love pragmatic furniture and learned a lot about "box furniture"; a term I had never encountered before. (On a side note I checked the source code of the page because I was curious about the design, and I found some Easter eggs there.)

Piper is a web developer. She writes some stuff related to web tech and helpful tips around that, but this is most of all a living notebook of her life and thoughts. It's personal, it's sometimes deep thoughts, sometimes short thoughts. I've come to really enjoy it for the personal touch as well as the shared wisdoms.

-- CC0 Björn Wärmedal