Current Things on My Mind

I feel like I need to write this down, and maybe others can help me reduce the list or simplify points. I have a tendency to be over ambitious in planning projects and then procrastinate until I get too sick/frustrated with them and decide to boil it down to bare fundamentals or skip it all together. Right now I'm not yet in that mindset. Maybe someone can help me before I get there.

But Let's Start With Random Musings

And Now For the Things to Do

Some of these are big issues, some are smaller. I have a bit of a hard time figuring out my prioritisation and dependencies between them. And estimating time and difficulty.

Things (More or Less) Related to Server Migration

Long Term Stuff

There's a thousand other things I'd like to do, but that aren't even prioritised enough to even make it on the list.

As you can see there's just a whole lot slushing around in my mind right now. Given time I will have sorted things out, but right now it feels a little overwhelming. If you can help me prioritise and solve some knots then awesome! If you can share your own methods for structuring, prioritisation, and work then even awesomer! I've read about GTD, but concluded that that's not the tool I'm looking for. I'm using a kanban board in vim and create actionable subtasks for my tasks. It's just prioritisation and bounded ambitions that I find difficult.


The fork av AV-98 that I maintain.

My gmi2html script.

My post on the royal ship Vasa.

The Garden Gnome Society.

A summary of my server problems lately. The RPi 2 now works.

This is how I do a kanban board in vim.

-- CC0 Björn Wärmedal