Self Hosted File Sharing Service

Is that email attachment too large? Does imessage insist on converting images to crappy MMS messages when you send to non-iPhone people?

You could always upload the file to Google Drive and just send a link. Or you could host your own file sharing platform, with only a single simple CGI script.

I made one, and I use it.

Please read the installation instructions. This is a minimum viable product and it has no security worth mentioning built into it (except mitigations against path traversal attacks, but that's just a side effect of design decisions). Don't open something like this up to the general public; remember that you're responsible for files on your servers.

This is, however, everything needed for the simple feature of sharing files through links.

When you visit the page after installation you'll be presented with the familiar Choose File button, and once you've chosen a file you click the Upload button. As the file is uploaded the page reloads, this time with a read only text field containing the URL to the file. If you have javascript enabled you can copy it to your clipboard by clicking the button below it that says "Copy link"

If you decide to use this for something cool, or as the basis for something bigger and better, I'd love to hear about it!

-- CC0 Björn Wärmedal