GPT-3 On Electronic Pets

I've lately wanted a pet, but no animal lives up to my criteria. Jokingly both I and friends have said that maybe I should get an e-pet instead, like a tamagotchi. Of course, an e-pet doesn't alleviate loneliness in the least! But don't just take my word for it; listen to an AI explain it for you.

Electronic pets do not alleviate loneliness because...

... they can feel sad and even anxious, the research has found.

"In the case of some cats who are suffering from an unusual neurological disease called autism, the need to look after their own needs has been put at the forefront of their minds," the researchers wrote in a study published this week in Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences Letters.

"In others, it may actually be more appropriate to treat individual pet owners with other mental disorders and/or even to even try to 'manage' them for a short period of time to manage their neurodegenerative condition as long as it is there."

The research, led by Dr. David Kuzma of the University of Bristol who led the study, suggests that the most commonly encountered symptoms of the condition are hyperactivity/mattiness, lethargy, social withdrawal, obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety/panic, and anxiety disorders, as well as mental health conditions that mimic the condition.

"Some cat owners (such as ours) have experienced anxiety disorder or other severe health conditions that mimic such 'painful' conditions in their lives. We can only speculate on what exactly these are, but we've found that they are commonly associated with a wide variety of negative, anxious, depressive or even physically threatening behaviors such as self-harm disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, phobias and stress disorder," said Dr. Kuzma.

Dr. Tari

If you still want a tamagotchi you should look for...

... the 1 to 4-hour pre-cooked tamagotchi recipe. And you could use the recipe from the Chinese version of this post (to make a 2-pounder tamagotchi instead of 1/2 cup). After you're done, cut the tofu into 5 equal chunks (about 1/25") and serve with all of the rest of the ingredients in a ketchup-covered tortilla stick.

A few hours later, all they had left were steamed ciders (or if you didn't have them, I'd give you those too), and a few more steamed ciders and a handful of pita chips, too (you can also combine them through another method and freeze the noodles in a sealed container in the freezer until they are nicely browned.)

If you'd like to skip the meat before making this, just add about 2 teaspoons oil to the saucepan as much as it's still boiling by whisking well. Stir until all of the sauce is covered. You'll need to stir in about 1/2 teaspoon salt to make the sauce.

This is one of those things that may get you into a full-on panic attack, but when it's done, it's all of the better. Don't over-think it, though. Enjoy. See any of these crazy, scary things? Want to make something even crazier? Check out my...

... tips on caring for electronic animals.

An initial review of the literature suggests that people may do the right thing in the first place.

"People may take care of people who are physically ill, so I don't have any concerns," she said. "There are a lot of different types of people, and it's the people that have to care for. I'd not know if I'd had patients with an autoimmune disease."

But for Kukai who wasn't aware of what medications she'd taken in her diabetes care, the doctor suggested a vitamin D supplement that could help. "I got it," she said. "Just to see a doctor did it. They were looking around for something else. 'But why aren't you taking something with an antioxidant, just to see if it makes things better?'"

After two weeks, she was given the medication.

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Don't trust an AI to help you with animal care or medical advice. Seriously.

And that shortened URL doesn't even work. Good job, GPT-3!

Thanks to DeepAI for barfing out most of this text!

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