No, You Don't Have Time For Another Project

There's never time. Maybe you feel like you'll have time, so you start something today. It'll just be a few hours this week and then it's done.

NO! That is most decidedly not how it goes. A couple of hours in you realise you started off in the wrong end and need to re-do everything. Or, actually, it's just that something else crops up and you won't have time again until next week at the earliest but really you will just never, because this weekend you'll find another cool thing to just have a quick look at and off we go again.

By the way, that thing you put on the shelf a year ago because screw that it's just really not worth the effort? Well, you accidentally saw someone on the internet mentioning something a tiny bit like it and suddenly it feels like a fun thing again. You just have to squeeze it in somewhere. Just, y'know, an hour a day for the next, uh, week? Month? Year? Who knows?

What are you doing programming!? There is a literal mountain of dishes on the counter and no pots and pans to cook dinner with! No, you are not allowed to have peanut butter and jam sandwiches three courses a day for three days. Oh my god you're such a sloth.

I know that you're yearning to read that book you're really into, but you've also committed yourself to watching every episode of Walking Dead before you are a walking corpse yourself. You should really know that you can't make progress at both of those simultaneously. You do need to sleep eventually.

Speaking of sleeping: sure, this post wouldn't write itself but was it really so important to post it that it's worth postponing bedtime? Grow up.

-- CC0 Björn Wärmedal