Back at My Computer

I've mostly been away from my computer over the holidays, other than writing a couple of short posts here. Mind you I haven't been offline much at all; it's just that I've used my phone more.

This opened my eyes to something that hadn't really occurred to me: I have a lot of social contacts via email these days. Today I actually sat down with my computer and just dedicated some time to social activities. This doesn't include discord, which I use mostly for short exchanges. It only marginally includes fedi, because I seldom post anything there that isn't a reply. Today I was contacted regarding one of my gemini projects, which was really cool.

Email, however, has taken a big portion of my computer time today. That feels really good. I experience email as more thoughtful and intentional, though maybe direct messages on fedi are similar. Both require an intention to contact one another, not just an offhand comment or scream-into-the-void status update.

I've also spent some time trying to help someone out with sysadmin stuff for their server. I know everyone hates being the technical support, but I don't. It brings me joy to be able to use my skills in meaningful ways, and hopefully teaching someone else something useful along the way. Most of the time I learn something too. That's an added bonus.

It's almost 16:00 now and I should probably get out of my bathrobe and put some real clothes on before heading to my family for dinner and movie. It's -10 C outside, after all.

Isn't lounging around at home just the best, though?

-- CC0 Björn Wärmedal