Two Weeks Into New Job

I started my new job on June 1st and it has easily been the most comfortable new start I've ever had on a job. A big part of that is probably the fact that I'm senior now and have finally been able to internalise that. I know my strengths and skills. I know what I can bring to the table.

The tech stack is diverse but not too complicated. We use the tools we need, but none of the extra and horrible cruft that large cloud providers offer. Privacy has by necessity been a part of the product since the very beginning; Schrems II hasn't caused anyone to panic or scramble because no one had assumed that the Safe Harbour provision would stand up to EU human rights in the first place.

My impression so far is that the company is stable, confident, and customer oriented. It's a fintech product with clients counted in the hundreds instead of the millions. Each customer becomes so much more important and most of them have stuck with the company for many years and developed great relations.

Also helps that my team is great and the office is a comfortable 5 km commute away.

Speaking of being comfortable with the tools: I solved my first tasks on my second day and have continued to deliver since. It's all things that I can figure out thanks to my varied and long experience. It feels great!

Tomorrow I'm going to curse our Ubuntu repository mirror out of existence and probably build a proper image and helm chart for a new one.

-- CC0 Björn Wärmedal