Things Are Chugging Along

Me and the boys are going to the local geek store for a miniature painting night today. It's becoming a Thursday night tradition that we all enjoy. One of them will be painting another Chaos Space Marine and the other has a nice Tau drone to paint. I don't know what I'll paint; we'll see.

I finally released that new version of Tea Tea Deluxe (will post a separate post about that). And I'm spending a bunch of hours each week with Blender, still not happy with even the first thing I want to do 😆

I try to spend time with my gf too, but that's turned out to be one of the harder things to succeed with for different reasons. Right now that's the one thing I want to improve in my daily life right now.

But in general life is in a comfortable lull for the most part for the moment. There are temporary things that need to be sorted out; I really want my old flat sold, preferably yesterday, and I'm still a bit too hyped after a very busy month.

It's nice.

-- CC0 Björn Wärmedal