A Feeling of Relief and Serenity

It's been a pretty busy day, and my cognitive and emotional capacity isn't what I'd wish it to be these days. But it's been good. Met loved ones and rekindled an old friendship. Had more mudcake than I reasonably should have. Did some grocery shopping. Nothing big; just some milk, apples, and yogurt. I've also done all my dishes for the first time this week, and set a dough for tomorrow's breakfast bread.

A feeling of contentment doesn't come easy to me right now. But a clean kitchen and time with my wife does a lot for me. I'm tired. Exhausted, even. It's a good kind of exhaustion. Planted myself in the armchair with a pot of tea and a fresh jazz apple, knowing that there's a whole lot of things I could do to keep myself occupied but nothing at all that I have to do.

I'm relaxed. Listening to soft music and feeling the tension melt away. It almost feels like Friday.

-- CC0 Björn Wärmedal