Rounding Off the Week Perfectly

JBanana has chosen the topic for my next post (which was supposed to be this post, but I haven't had time to do the research yet). You'll see in a day or two what that'll be 😊

For now I just wanted to finish the week on a happy note. The past few days have been increasingly harder for me, and I'm not sure when I'll get up from that rut, but this evening I was blessed with the presence of two superb friends. They had decided earlier this week that we were going to a spa today (a gym/spa is just a few minutes walk from here, and I have a membership but seldom go). I offered dinner before, which just made this a whole lot better.

They got here at 18:00, and we had pasta carbonara. Then off to spa, where I almost fell asleep both in the sauna and a hot spring. I guess that's kinnda the point, isn't it? We had great talks, laughs, and probably the most relaxing time I've had all week if not longer.

Afterwards we went back to my flat. I put the kettle on and within minutes we were lounging in the living room with tea and mudcake.

It hardly gets better than this. Thank you, friends ❤️

-- CC0 Björn Wärmedal