Spending My Own Money for Office Comfort?

I have an office to myself, thanks to remote work and a lack of desks. It's a small room; just big enough for two desks but there's only one in there (I'm quite spartan and only use half of it). Somehow two ordinary chairs have ended up in it too, probably because there just happens to be room for them.

So here's what I'm thinking: I could move the desk from the inner most spot to the outermost, set the two chairs farther in facing each other, and get a small coffee table to put between them.

Of course office management would have absolutely no interest in paying for that, but they also wouldn't mind (because they're in Stockholm and nobody would bother to tell them - don't rat me out if I do this). I would have to spend my own money on:

Another thing I'd love is to get a painting in there. The walls are quite barren. My manager has talked about getting some sound absorbers up on the walls, which would be both nice and practical. Because I like to paint I'm thinking about maybe painting something myself. It's a bit costly if I have to get all the materials, but if I do it at my mother's house I can use all of her stuff. She buys in bulk, being a hobbyist artist and all.

How much is worth spending on stuff like this? €10? €100? I don't know.

Maybe having the poshest room in the entire office just for laughs is priceless.

-- CC0 Björn Wärmedal