Would You Like an OpenTTD Save Game?

This game really deserves more players. It's absolutely amazing. OpenTTD owns my heart and soul nowadays.

I've come to understand that most new players struggle to make a profit, and I assume some give up out of frustration and quit early on. When I started some 6-7 months ago I made a loss in my first game, but then read up a bit on how it works. I'm getting pretty good at it now.

The least thrilling part of the game is that time between starting a new game and getting the finances going at a level where you can't feasibly spend money as fast as it's rolling in. I have no idea what the common length of that time is, but when starting in 1950 I usually make between $600k-$1000k in the year 1953. By 1955 I'm guaranteed to make more than a million per year.

Are there any beginners out there who would like me to provide a few save games from 1955 where your company is already making a ton of money and have all debts paid off?

The caveat is that I always play with at least these two NewGRFs:

Of course all NewGRFs are available for free download via the Check Online Content button in the main menu. And I'll provide information about used NewGRFs for each save file.

-- CC0 Björn Wärmedal