Another Oldie but Goldie: OpenTTD

I've talked about games I've liked over the years,

as well as the open source variety of Sim City 1.

Last week I started playing Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe. It's a game from 1994 that still receives updates, mods, music, maps, and other content. The idea is that you start out on map where cities, mines, timber mills, factories, refineries, etc are sprinkled out here and there and you run a transporting company. You have to transport cargo from source to destination; from where it is to where it's needed.

It's hard to explain what's so fun about it, but oh my god have I been hooked. I've watched a couple of youtube videos about it, and the OpenTTD wiki has been a daily occurrence in my reading. There's always something I want to check out. It took me some trying and reading to figure out how train signals work.

Currently I'm looking for interesting mods. Specifically I like starting out at an early date in the game, around 1900 or so, but vehicles don't get introduced until 1925.

Which are your favourite mods and vehicle sets for the game?

-- CC0 Björn Wärmedal